Our Concierge Service

Our famed Concierge Service now starts from the moment you book your rental – previously it was from when you arrived in London.

Now we’ll give you help planning and organising your London trip as well as help and support while you are here.

You will probably have a London guide book but these web pages might help in your initial planning:

Suggested Iineraries for stays of 3, 4 5 and more days stay.

Useful London Links –  with sections on: Getting Around, London Guides, Major Attractions,  Sightseeing Tours, What’s On, Other Useful Links (currency converter, babysitting services)

151 Things to do In London, a miscellany of interesting things to do and see, with links to relevant web pages.

We can advise on:

  • Itinerary planning. Tell us what are your interests are. We’ll give you suggestions on what to do and see.
  • Itinerary advice. Are you getting the most out of your visit? Are you trying to do too much? How will what you propose work out in practice?
  • Fine Dining. Tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll recommend restaurants.
  • Sports fixtures. We’ll advise on how to get tickets.
  • Active London.  Runners / swimmers / skaters / walkers. What would you like to do? We’ll tell you how.
  • Music. Classical, jazz, rock etc. We know what’s on and where.
  • Services. Babysitters/childcare, limo, private guide. We can point you in the right direction.
  • London thrills. Climb the O2, go white water rafting etc.
  • Children. We know what they like and where it is.
  • Limited mobility. We’ll make suggestions about how to cope.
  • Other advice. Historic pubs, smart bars, clubs.

If you need help contact us: concierge@chsrentals.com

CHS Rentals

Please note that our normal minimum length of stay is 3 nights, a stay of just 2 nights – if available, is subject to a 20% surcharge. Over Christmas and New Year our minimum stay is 5 nights.

Rates 3 Jan - 29 Feb 2024
Nightly costs with approximate $ conversionsPeople£Overall £/person$Overall $/person
2 in main room21306515979
1 in main room + 1 in twin room21507518392
3 in main room31505018361
2 in main room + 1 in twin room31755821471
2 in main room + 2 in twin room42005024461
3 in main room + 1 in twin room42005024461
3 in main room + 2 in twin room52204426854
Nightly costs
with approximate $ conversions
People£Overall £/person$Overall $/person
2 in main room21407017085
1 in main room + 1 in twin room21608019598
3 in main room31605319565
2 in main room + 1 in twin room31906323277
2 in main room + 2 in twin room42155426265
3 in main room + 1 in twin room42155426265
3 in main room + 2 in twin room52354728658