Holiday Letting Agreement

The Property:

The Tenant:

The Term:                     from                          to                                      ,             nights

The Rent:                      inclusive of all utility costs except the cost of telephone calls.

The Lessor:  CHS London ltd trading as Coach House London Vacation Rentals
of 2 Tunley Road London SW17 7QJ

The Deposit:                   to cover the cost of any breakages or damages caused by the Tenant telephone calls made during the Term or any other additional service used or charge incurred during the Term such costs to be advised by the Lessor.

1. This agreement is between the Tenant and the Lessor. Its purpose is for the Tenant to have the use of the Property as a holiday let during the Tenant’s stay in London. Unless expressly agreed otherwise the maximum number of persons who may occupy the Property is and unless a sofa-bed or blow-up mattress is provided with the accommodation under no circumstances may any of the reception rooms be used for sleeping accommodation for any part of the stay. If this condition is not observed the Lessor reserves the right to deduct monies at their discretion from the Deposit.

2. This is not an assured shorthold tenancy.

3. The Tenant will:

1) pay the Rent due prior to occupying the Property

2) keep the interior of the Property in a good and clean state and not damage or injure the Property or any part of it

3) yield up the Property at the end of the Term in the same clean state and condition it was at the start of the Term

4) maintain and keep in good condition all the contents of the Property whether shown on the Inventory or not and replace or restore any items that become broken or damaged either like for like or by a charge against the Deposit and if the Deposit be insufficient to cover these and any other charges due the Tenant authorises the Lessor to charge the balance due to any credit or debit card held by the Tenant

5) not make any alteration or addition to the Property

6) not do or omit to do anything on the Property which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Lessor or the owners or occupiers of adjoining or nearby premises

7) not keep any pet or any kind of animal at the Property

8) not to use or occupy the Property in any way other than a private holiday residence for the maximum number of persons stipulated

9) not to assign sub-let charge part with or share possession of occupation of the Property or any part thereof

10) permit the Lessor or anyone authorised by the Lessor to have access to the Property to service or inspect the Property

11) report to the Lessor as soon as possible any disrepair or defect in the Property or any furniture fittings equipment or installation in the Property

12) pay from the Deposit the cost of all telephone calls made during the Term plus a handling charge of 10% of these costs the total charge to be advised by the Lessor.

4. Subject to the Tenant paying the Rent and performing their obligations under this agreement the Tenant may occupy and peacefully enjoy the Property furnishings and effects during the Term.

5. The Tenant will not be responsible for insuring the Property or its contents.

6. This holiday letting is made on the basis that the Property is to be used solely for a holiday as mentioned in the Housing Act 1988 schedule 9 paragraph 9. The Tenant acknowledges that this is not an assured tenancy and that no statutory periodic tenancy will arise at the end of the Term. The Tenant is hereby notified under Section 48 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987 that any notices should be served upon the Lessor at their address.

7. Neither the Lessor nor the owner of the Property shall be responsible or liable for any financial or material loss or damage to any possessions or belongings of the Tenant or any other persons permitted by the Tenant to enter the Property or for any injuries sustained by such persons except in the case of death or personal injury expressly caused by negligence of the Lessor or owner of the Property.

8. If this agreement is unable to be fulfilled in full or part due to force majeure or any cause beyond the Lessor’s reasonable control the Lessor shall not be liable for compensation other than the return of some or all of the Rent commensurate with the extent of under fulfilment. In no circumstances shall the Lessor be liable for consequential damages.

9. Where the context so admits:

1) The Tenant includes all persons accompanying the Tenant

2) The Property includes all the fixtures and fittings furniture appliances and contents at the Property

3) The Term means the period stated or any agreed shorter or longer period

4) All references to the singular shall include the plural and all references to the indefinite article shall include the definite article and vice versa.

5) The obligations of the Tenant and all persons residing with the Tenant in the Property shall be joint and several.

10. English law is the law governing this agreement and any dispute arising directly or indirectly from this agreement will be settled under English law.


Signed by:

The Lessor: ___________________________________

The Tenant: ____________________________________

Tenant’s Passport Details:

Nationality__________________ Number________________ Date Issued__________

Tenant’s Address: ________________________________________________________________________


CHS Rentals

Please note that our normal minimum length of stay is 3 nights, a stay of just 2 nights – if available, is subject to a 20% surcharge. Over Christmas and New Year our minimum stay is 5 nights.

Rates 3 Jan - 29 Feb 2024
Nightly costs with approximate $ conversionsPeople£Overall £/person$Overall $/person
2 in main room21306515979
1 in main room + 1 in twin room21507518392
3 in main room31505018361
2 in main room + 1 in twin room31755821471
2 in main room + 2 in twin room42005024461
3 in main room + 1 in twin room42005024461
3 in main room + 2 in twin room52204426854
Nightly costs
with approximate $ conversions
People£Overall £/person$Overall $/person
2 in main room21407017085
1 in main room + 1 in twin room21608019598
3 in main room31605319565
2 in main room + 1 in twin room31906323277
2 in main room + 2 in twin room42155426265
3 in main room + 1 in twin room42155426265
3 in main room + 2 in twin room52354728658