The Company
A look round this web site will tell you what we do and the style in which we do it. We’ve been in business since 2001 during which time we’ve done over 5,000 lets. We have a small number of properties on our books, mainly in central and SW London.

We operate from a private house in Balham (7 minutes walk from Balham and Tooting Bec tubes). We are a “virtual” organisation with staff working predominantly from their own homes.

The Work
The role is to meet and greet our guests at the property they are renting.

The role involves

  1. Attending a monthly meeting in Balham when the work for the next week(s) is allocated.
  2. Checking the arrival times of flights.
  3. Letting guests, showing them round and explaining how everything works (written notes provided).
  4. Completing the paper work – just signing the rental agreement for the let (provided).
  5. Giving them a brief description of the local area (notes and local map provided).
  6. Answering (or trying to answer!) any questions they might have.

If it sounds daunting – it isn’t, almost anyone can to it with a little training. This is not a Monday-Friday 9-5 job. Our guests arrive on every day of the week but normally between 0800 and 1700, and often between 0800 and 1000 so the role is not suitable for someone tied to school runs. The work is divided between 2/3 meeter/greeters by mutual consent.

The role would suit someone who has limited or no other employment, would like an additional interest in their lives and the opportunity to earn a little money, we are looking for a commitment of at least one year. The person chosen will have most of these characteristics.

  1. Outgoing, confident, resilient, a people person.
  2. Reliable and organised.
  3. Flexible. Able to plan their other life activities around the requirements of the role. We are normally able to plan at least 2/3 weeks ahead.
  4. Car owner – confident driving around London.
  5. IT literate (regular e-mail and web user) would be a help.
  6. Reasonable knowledge of London.
  7. Ideally in the Clapham, Balham, Tooting area.

You will receive training in the office and then accompany an experienced meeter/greeter on a check-in to learn what to do before doing it alone.

Meetings: £12; Mon-Sun: 8am-6pm £18, 6am to 8am and 6pm-10pm £20.  10pm-6.00am and bank holidays: £24.  We will also pay a mileage allowance and expenses (phone calls and parking). Over the course of a year about £2,000 can be expected.

Send a brief e-mail to: Harley Nott – It should include: your name, address and contact details, age, brief outline of your life and current situation, why you are interested in this work and why you think you would be good at it. Short-listed applicants will be called for interview.

  Not for you but know someone who might really like the job? Please tell them about it. Thanks!  

CHS Rentals

Please note that our normal minimum length of stay is 3 nights, a stay of just 2 nights – if available, is subject to a 20% surcharge. Over Christmas and New Year our minimum stay is 5 nights.

Rates 3 Jan - 29 Feb 2024
Nightly costs with approximate $ conversionsPeople£Overall £/person$Overall $/person
2 in main room21306515979
1 in main room + 1 in twin room21507518392
3 in main room31505018361
2 in main room + 1 in twin room31755821471
2 in main room + 2 in twin room42005024461
3 in main room + 1 in twin room42005024461
3 in main room + 2 in twin room52204426854
Nightly costs
with approximate $ conversions
People£Overall £/person$Overall $/person
2 in main room21407017085
1 in main room + 1 in twin room21608019598
3 in main room31605319565
2 in main room + 1 in twin room31906323277
2 in main room + 2 in twin room42155426265
3 in main room + 1 in twin room42155426265
3 in main room + 2 in twin room52354728658