We need to talk about Fanny

We need to talk about Fanny.

England and America, “two nations divided by a common language”. Whether it was Oscar Wilde or Bernard Shaw who coined this phrase, and there is some debate about which one it was, there is no doubt that linguistic differences still persist and occasionally cause embarrassment. The difficulties come in two directions: different words or phrases used to refer to the same item or subject, and the same word meaning quite different things. That’s why we need to talk about Fanny – read on to the end.

Here is a useful list of the former:

British EnglishAmerican English
biscuitcookie; cracker
chipsFrench fries
double creamheavy cream
mangetoutsnow pea
General Travel
boot (of a car)trunk
cinemamovie theater
cling filmplastic wrap
dustbingarbage can, trash can
mobile (phone)cell (phone)
off-licenceliquor store; package store
pedestrian crossingcrosswalk
petrolgas; gasoline
post (a letter)mail (a letter)
postcodezip code
recorded deliverycertified mail
toilet, lavatory, loorestroom, washroom, john
zebra crossingcrosswalk
ground floor, first floor etc.first floor, second floor etc.
A&E, casualtyemergency room
bank holidaylegal holiday
estate agentrealtor
unattractive, plainhomely
public schoolprivate school
state schoolpublic school
touch woodknock on wood

Now the same word with different meanings:

English MeaningAmerican Meaning
A&EAccident and Emergency (casualty) department of a hospitalArts & Entertainment (a TV network)
boob tubewoman’s shoulderless, strapless top“the boob tube” = television
chapsmen or boys, peopleleather leggings worn by cowboys or similar worn by motorcyclists
footballAssociation football (US: soccer), sometimes Rugby UnionAmerican football
knickerswomen’s underwear (US: panties)knickerbockers
pantsunderpants, briefs or boxers, of poor quality or bad situation (slang).trousers
pissedintoxicated, drunk angry, irritated
randya slang term meaning sexually aroused (US: horny)a male or female given name or nickname.
suspenderselasticated support for stockings (US: garter)elasticated support for trousers (UK: braces)
vestgarment worn under a shirtsleeveless garment worn over a shirt (UK: waistcoat)
wash upto wash the dishes; to clean after eating foodto wash one’s hands and face; to clean before eating food

And finally Fanny. An American “fanny pack” is an English “bum bag”. When Americans innocently speak of their “fanny” meaning their bottom they are blissfully unaware that in English this word is slang for the female genitalia!

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